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Upleap Review 2021 Revealed – Does it Really Work?

In this Upleap Review 2021, I will give you a complete rundown of how this service can work to your benefits. There are so many Upleap reviews out there but this is going to give you full information on how to grow your Instagram account using this instagram growth service.

The desire to have a huge and responsive following on one of the biggest social platforms – Instagram – has become very crucial to the survival of many businesses, entrepreneurs, and even individuals. This Upleap review will help you understand how to grow your Instagram following in the best way possible and at the best price.

The figures representing followers on various Instagram profiles mean different things to different people. To an entrepreneur or a business, it means more customers, for an artist it may represent validation, and for some it means ego.

The competition on getting a large following on Instagram has become fierce because of how active its users are, which means if you have more users, there is a very high chance of you having a real connection with your followers, getting them to trust you, and eventually do your bidding.

Growing a following has become hard nowadays on Instagram and that I why this review has been written.

If you are looking for information on Upleap to learn about whether it is legit or reliable, then you are at the right place now for the best answers to all your questions about Upleap.

I’m going to lay before you the good and bad sides associated with the use of the growth service from Upleap and how this can be of benefit to you.

I am an affiliate marketer and was about giving up because I needed a reliable traffic source that is sure to be there continuously at no extra cost no matter the size of my audience. I wanted fast results but could put the time in because I had other parts of the business that needed my attention. In order not to burn out my zeal, I outsourced this Instagram growth out so that I can focus on other things I knew how to do best.

In affiliate marketing, the money you will make most times is dependent on the quality of your audience. I did email marketing and got some results but the result I got from Instagram far outweighs what email marketing gave me. I am not saying email marketing is not good, as a matter of fact I still do email marketing because not everyone is on Instagram, there are many more in emails. If you want to build an email list which I advise you do, read out  Getresponse review, they are the best and have been serving me well for over two years now.

You can try Getresponse for for free for 30 days (one month) by Clicking Here.

I had to tell you about what I do and how I do it because you need to meet your audience where they hangout. In this review I will focus on growing your Instagram followers using the growth service from Upleap.

My Instagram followers was made up of people who knew me personally – it was having very little to no engagement. I asked a friend how he grew his account to about 450 followers and he gave me some tricks to get more comments, more followers, and more likes. I started by using some popular hashtags which got me not less than 5 likes in posts and most times I didn’t get followers either, I also did the popular follow and unfollow but it didn’t work for me, until I search on Google for the best tool to grow my Instagram followers, and found Upleap which got me, 5k real followers with real engagement 30 days. I couldn’t stop smiling.

I Researched Upleap and This Is What I Found

I have been using the $39 plan from for over a year now and I believe I am in the best position to give you a first-hand review to allow you make a well guided decision on whether you should or should not use the Instagram growth service from Upleap. But before I dive deep into the full review of this service I would like you to read the very important notice below before getting started.

“NOTE: If after seeing the benefits and downsides of Upleap’s Instagram growth service in this review and you decide to use Upleap’s service, I highly advice that you get started with a coupon for your first payment for this service so that you can get a discount. You can CLICK HERE to get the discount.”

What is Upleap?

Upleap is a self-service growth tool to help you grow your Instagram following. In the words of Upleap:

“We’re an Instagram agency with a heart, taking great pride in helping our clients. Upleap customers around the globe are growing their social reach, getting more Instagram followers, and building a loyal audience with their dedicated account manager.”

Upleap claims to assist you grow, real and organic followers on Instagram. They also claim that unlike other similar services, they attach a personal and dedicated account manager whose job is to only devote time to growing your Instagram following until you achieve your set goal.

When you first arrive at Upleap, you will be shown a few claims. Upleap states that they will help you grow your Instagram faster with a dedicated account manager. Upleap claims to also help you achieve the following:

  • Increase Your Followers
  • Grow Your Reach
  • Increase engagement on your posts

Upleap’s website has a very slick design and they don’t waste time to let you know what they are going to do for you. From the look of things, you will quickly notice what Upleap does basically.

Once you sign-up to Upleap’s service, you will be immediately assigned to an account manager that will handle anything about your account and assist you meet your Instagram targets. Your account manager will post on your behalf, view Instagram stories for you (this is something I’ve not heard any growth service doing). Your account manager also puts you into an engagement pod to help boost your engagement on Instagram (as corroborated by Upleap’s support).

Upleap has been here for a while and has made a good name in the Instagram marketing niche as they outranked all their competitors to win the #1 Instagram tool of year 2018.

Growing your Instagram account is no child’s play nowadays, but it’s very necessary if you want to get more brand sponsorships which means more money for you. Upleap is in a better position to help you achieve the kind of growth you’re looking for, and without the hassle.


Upleap Pricing

You can get started with Upleap for free with a no-commitment 3-day free trial. Upleap shows you no payment page until the trial period is over when it is believed that you might have had a taste already.

Upleap has a $39, $69, and $99 pricing plan, which can most businesses and influencers can afford; trust me on this as this investment is really worth it. So you can pick any plan you wish based on the strength of your pocket.

upleap reviews

Who Can Use Upleap?

As an Instagram growth software, it is for anyone who wants to have a wider reach on Instagram. If you are not aware by now, Instagram is one of the hottest social media networks currently in the world with a very high level of engagement. The list below gives a rundown of those who can take advantage of the service from Upleap:

  • Online stores
  • Real estate agents
  • Aspiring social media influencers
  • YouTubers
  • Bloggers
  • Small Business owners who want to skyrocket their success online fast
  • Gamers
  • personal accounts…

Now that you have a very good idea of what Upleap can do and who can use the service, let me show you the advantages and disadvantages I discovered while using this service:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Upleap

Upleap helps you grow your Instagram account by doing all the tasks that you should have spent a lot of hours and sweat doing if they were to be done by you. So I am going to go over the things that I love about Upleap’s service as an Instagram growth software below:

Advantages of Using Upleap:

  • You can start at no cost on Upleap for a 3-day trial to give you a taste of the service risk-free before making any out of pocket commitment. For the free trial, you don’t have to give your credit card information or any kind of billing information, which is very good just in case you forget to cancel the free 3 day trial
  • On your account, you will get a personal account manager dedicated to managing your Instagram account and Upleap is actually one of the very few Instagram growth service that provides a fully managed Instagram growth service in this way.
  • You will be able to easily add a description of your account along with other relevant hashtags as part of the sign-up process on Upleap.
  • With the rise in cyberattacks, Upleap has a very safe login process which makes it hard for unauthorized access, Unlike so many of its competitors in the Instagram growth service space.
  • Upleap has a 100% secure payment process that ensures its users are not exposed to any risk while making payment for services on the upleap.
  • Upleap has given guarantees that it will interact only with real Instagram users and not fake accounts or bots with the aim of increasing your engagement over the long-term.
  • The customer support service on Upleap is super-responsive and they are always available to answer all your questions and assist you with all your Instagram needs.
  • With Upleap, you are not limited to a certain promotion strategy, by this I mean Upleap will not just comment on other people’s posts or just like other people’s posts; Upleap employs a variety and uses commenting, liking posts, viewing Instagram stories, following other people, etc… to gain the needed attention on your account.

With Upleap, you will be able to by getting a huge discount when you for the annual billing. You will be able to save anywhere from 25% to 40% based on the plan you go for.

Disadvantages of Using Upleap

This part of the review will show the things I did not like about Upleap. This section will focus on the downsides of Upleap as there is no perfect system.

Upleap uses the Instagram automation strategy which is has not been encouraged by Instagram, but if it gets the result need, who cares? We have all gotten away with it all the time.

How Safe Is Upleap For You?

I will answer this question even in my sleep with a resounding YES because Upleap has worked with thousands and thousands of Instagram users and has grown these accounts without getting them banned or put into action blocks. and I don’t think your own Instagram account will be treated any differently.  So, Yes, Upleap is safe for you to use on your Instagram account

How Upleap Really Work?

Upleap works basically in just three simple steps which include:

You sign up for the 3-day free trial, which you can be done by clicking through THIS LINK.

Get in touch with your account manager and interact more.

Educate your account manager on the kind of followers you need and WATCH YOUR ACCOUNT SWELL!

Is Upleap Legit or Scam?

I would confidently say that Upleap is 100% legit and not a scam because it has really worked for me over the past 1 year now as an individual and I would recommend it to anyone that’s willing to try.

I would recommend you sign-up for the 3-day free trial first to get your feet wet.

I still recommend you to use a COUPON LINK while signing up to Upleap so that you can enjoy a discount when you are ready to pay for a plan.

(All the links in this article will give you discounts as all the links that link to Upleap from here are COUPONED already. Now just click on any of the links & go create your account right now.

So if you are really looking to boost the number of followers you have on Instagram, look no further, I would recommend Upleap anytime and any day. They are good at what they do and have been transparent whenever I contacted them for anything I needed help with.

Hey… You still have second thoughts?

Watch the Upleap Review Video Below.


👉You Can Sign Up For A Free Trial Here

See How Upleap Was Rated By Other Users

I conducted a search online and I some random reviews from people who are currently using Upleap to grow their Instagram accounts and below are screenshots of the latest reviews below:

Upleap review

For you to have read my review of Upleap Instagram growth service up to this point, I think you should also watch the video below to see the testimonial from a real user of Upleap, so you don’t only get limited to my view of the service alone.

If After seeing the testimonial above and the review video, and you have made p your mind that you now want to give upleap a try to see if it will work for you, I’ll suggest you CLICK HERE or any other link in this review to go to the official Upleap page and to sign up for a free trial because like I have meantioned earlier, the link I told you to click on will give you a discount when you have exhausted your free trial and you are ready to pay or upgrade.

Review of Upleap’s Support

The support team on Upleap is an absolute bonus if you ask me. Although you may not actually speak to your account manager directly, first I thought this wasn’t useful but I asked a customer success manager why I could not just get to speak to my account manager and the response I got is below:

“To make sure that our account managers can focus on their main task of growing your account, we forward all requests and streamline any of your concerns and updates through our dedicated support team. This makes your account manager more efficient and lets them prioritize your account growth.”

In other words, Upleap’s support will handle your issues to allow your account manager focus on what is primary – growing your instagram followers.

At the price I was paying, I did not see this as a problem – I can’t complain. Honestly I had no plans of talking to my dedicated account manager every day, which is why would I outsourced my Instagram growth in the first place.

I was once informed that each account manager works on about three Instagram accounts per day, so imagine how distracted they will be if they had Skype calls with every account owner!

For over a 3-month period, I sent about 10 tickets (I was a newbie and anxious, so I had some enquiries Google would have given me the answers to, but I needed to get my information right from the source).

I got a response to the tickets within a few days in a kind and appropriate way. I think so many of us who are looking for Instagram growth from an external service would just want to be taken care of more swiftly, but consider the fact that Upleap has a huge user base and tickets are treat in order of first-come-first-serve – it is a queue. I must say that Upleap really took care of me very well and addressed my issues promptly. I have no complaints at all.

I hope this was helpful, if it was, please share this with your friends who might need this information too.

To your success.

Disclosure: When you follow a link in this review, in some cases I will get a commission at no extra cost to you. In fact, I guarantee you get the best price when you use my link.